Explore & Learn World Cultures

Discover a wealth of resources to expand your knowledge of cultural information and explore the world. From maps and flags to educational games and e-books, there's something for everyone to delve into and enjoy.

World Atlas and National Geographic

Embark on an adventure of discovery with World Atlas and delve deeper into nature, history, and culture with Kids National Geographic for kids and National Geographic adults.

Maps, Flags, and Anthems

Navigate the world for travel resources at Theodora.com for maps and flags, and immerse yourself in the cultural significance of national anthems with Nationalanthems.info.

Educational Games and Resources

Sharpen your mind with educational games and resources tailored to every age group and interest. From math and science to language skills and brain exercises, there's something to challenge and entertain everyone.


Enjoy math games at Khan Academy. The free math site provides video instructions, individual evaluations, practice questions, and progress reports. Some other math sites are Coolmath.com and Aplusmath.com.

Brain Exercise

Engage your mind and elevate your cognitive abilities with brain exercises on Braingle.com, designed to challenge and stimulate your mental faculties. From puzzles to memory games, unlock the potential of your brain and keep your mind sharp and agile with Lumosity.com.


Explore the universe's wonders and ignite your curiosity with science education sites like NASA.gov and Windows2universe.org, offering a treasure trove of resources, articles, and interactive features. Delve into fascinating scientific concepts, discoveries, and experiments, and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with Sciencemonster.com alongside these esteemed platforms.


Stay in the sporting loop with sikids.com, offering young sports enthusiasts a dynamic platform to explore sports news, player profiles, and interactive features. Dive into the world of athletics while staying entertained and informed.


Embark on an educational adventure with funbrain.com, mathisfun.com, and starfall.com, where interactive games and engaging activities turn math, reading, and learning into a fun-filled journey for kids of all ages. Explore the exciting world of education while having a blast along the way.

Finest Kid Games (From Babies to Teen)

Explore the finest kid games for children from babies to tween ages with PBS's curated collection at United States PBS. Engage in educational and entertaining experiences designed to inspire learning and creativity, fostering a love for exploration and discovery in young minds.

Learn English

Enhance your English proficiency with expert resources and courses provided by the British Council. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your language skills, it offers comprehensive learning materials and programs to help you master English effectively.

Language Translation

Utilize the powerful translation tool, Google Translate, by Google, for seamless language conversions.

Free E-Books: Go Paperless

Join the green revolution and embrace paperless reading! Explore a world of literary treasures with free e-book links from top sources like:

  • Project Gutenberg: Access thousands of classics and bestsellers for free.
  • Baen Free Library: Dive into a science fiction and fantasy novel collection.
  • Wikibooks: Discover many topics, including recipes, made possible by donations.
  • Dieselabooks: Explore a selection of e-books across various genres.
  • BOOKBOON: Download free travel guides to plan your next adventure.
  • Planet e-Books: Access classic literature and modern favorites.
  • manybooks.net: Discover and download free e-books in a wide range of genres.
A notebook and pen on top of a map.

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